Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laying the Foundation

 This week has been a bit different then the rest. Sister Davis had jaw surgery on Tuesday. So we have spent most of our time in the flat letting her rest. I really pleaded with the Lord to help me best utilize the time inside to better prepare myself and get oriented, logistically.
Lets just say I stayed PLENTY BUSY. I organized any space in the flat I could find, bathroom, kitchen cupboards, book shelves. I created a work out schedule for us to do each day together. I decided how to organize my study journals, what my study schedule would look like each day/month and established weekly, monthly and yearly goals. haha I was so busy that whenever Sister Davis would wake up she would always be surprised about whatever random project I was working on. I have been happy all week. My spirits have been high and I have sincerely felt a shield of peace and protection over our home. Thank you for your prayers, we really do feel a peace with each day and the power that your support brings.

I am short on time today but wanted to share one powerful moment I had this week.
As I sat waiting for Sister Davis to come out of surgery, I spoke with my temporary companion, Sister Cannon. Sister Cannon and her husband, Elder Cannon, work with the YSA /Institute programs in Manchester. She expressed frustration that the Center for Young Single Adults will be built after they leave, though it was supposed to already have been completed. That means the Cannons end up having 20 plus YSA in their home nightly. The Cannons also do the difficult paper work for the YSA ward, sifting through WHO actually is in the ward and who has moved away.  This is tough since most students are in a permanent state of transititon. She felt frustrated about doing the grunt work knowing they would be gone before they see the fruits of their labors.
It reminded me of the experience of working at CHOICE in the villages in Kenya and Guatemala. Looking around and seeing the POTENTIAL for growth and development, I thought about how we dig the foundations of new classrooms and often leave before any of the bricks are laid for the walls. I remember talking to expeditioners about their concerns. "How do we know that it is going to be finished? Will we be sent pictures of the final product?" We all love results! As Sister Cannon and I spoke, I had a realization. The hardest part is digging the foundation and laying the cement. It must be done with the most care and skill. If it is not done correctly then the whole building will not last. As missionaries in an area, "That is going to see a huge change in the next few years," it can be discouraging. However, the big changes and developments will only happen if we work our hardest and smartest now. Being a futurist, I am very motivated by what will be. I am honored to be a part of getting my hands dirty and shoveling out the foundation of what this area can become. We must understand that each role in the process is important. Whether we are simply laying seeding of the Gospel, or laying a foundation, it is all important! Many missionaries have taught me you typically see the fruits of your labors, the transfer AFTER you have been working your hardest. I am committed...ALL IN... Both feet in the mission. I am motivated and have faith that after we leave the village, the walls of the classroom will be built. AS LONG AS I(we) do a good job in laying the foundation. The future depends on our efforts now.
I am grateful for the strengths Heavenly Father is blessing me with daily. I know that this Church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and gave his life laying a foundation for us today. I know Christ suffered and bled to create a solid foundation for each of us to build our lives upon. I will work hard to show Him my diligence and am humbled daily by His love for us. I don't quite know why we deserve it but I strive each day to be worthy.
All my love,
Sister Lovell

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