Monday, June 6, 2011

My first full week in England. I am LOVING LIFE. I love Manchester! Sister Davis and I live in the South part of the city in an area called Withington. Our area consists of a diverse mix of flats, small houses, and an even more diverse mix of cultures. We meet many English people but have also met people from the Middle East, North Africa, Portugal, Poland, Russia, China, etc. I love the diversity. I am thrilled with this melting pot.:)
Sister Davis and I get along great. Her first name is Molly and her blog is called "Manchester meet Sister Davis." Pres. Bullock shared with us, that before I came, he thought she and I would serve together and when I arrived, the Lord confirmed it. In this short time we are learning why. Sister Davis and I are very compatible in work ethic, motivation, and energy. I always thought I was a fast walker...then I met sister Davis.:) I LOVE it. We are efficient and never linger. Our team teaching comes naturally and I am excited to see how we learn and grow together this transfer.
We attended both the family ward and the singles ward yesterday and had investigators at both. I was able to bear my testimony, introduce myself, and express my passion to be there. I felt the Lord blessing me to remember names as we were introduced to many people. It was a day of miracles. One investigator who had come with our zone leaders approached the pulpit in an old t-shirt and baggy pants. He shared that he had visited many churches and had been searching a long time to find the right faith and the feelings he felt in that meeting were different than other churches he had visited. He then said, "This is where I belong, this is the true church and I want to join." Talk about a missionary's dream. This week has  been a week of miracles. I already have a testimony the Lord is preparing people and as missionaries, we just have to be obedient and go looking for them. When the Lord thinks people are ready he MAKES our paths cross with them.:) Last night we got lost on our way home. We asked a man named Kay for directions. It started to sprinkle and I was digging in my bag for our umbrella. We made small talk with him and then Sister Davis started to share our message. She asked him," If the Lord wants us to know He is there, how do you think He would show us?" Kay's response made me want to look around for a hidden camera..."Well I think He would send us a prophet like he did in the old times, like Moses." We meet with him again on Friday. The Lord prepares people. The Lord's work is the most fulfilling work! I am blessed and honored to be here.

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