Saturday, November 12, 2011

Medical Update

Medical Update:

As many of you know I had to come home from England at the end of August. I had been quite unwell for weeks and after visiting multiple doctors it was decided that I should come home to heal. Upon returning home I continued to visit a few different doctors and undergo many tests. The finally figured out that I had various infections in my body from parasites as well as Epstein Barr Virus (Mono). It has been a few months and I am glad to report that I am on the mend. The going is slow yet steady. As I continue to heal I will post another update.

Thank you to all of the prayers and kindness that have been shown to my family and I in this time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm sure you are all dying to know about the riots and things going on over here! It really only happened in Manchester for a couple of nights so we were just told to stay in. We are some of the closest missionaries to the city center and we could hear all the sirens of the police all night, quite exciting! But we were totally safe. They were more concerned about us using buses than anything else.

This morning I FINISHED the Book of Mormon! I was so excited and sad all at once. I love the scriptures, I am truly reading them with new eyes and just want to feast upon the words each day. I try and read in ALL of my down time. Which usually means while brushing my teeth or eating a meal haha. I got my hands on a Book of Mormon Stories book and Sister Allison and I have also been going through the stories one by one. First we read the story then we read the corresponding verses from the Book of Mormon. Its a great way to better understand what is going on. And the illustrations are quite entertaining!

This week has been a bit different then most considering I have been quite under the weather or as they say it here "quite poorly". We actually spent most of the week going to various doctors and finally up to the mission GP in Preston. In the mean time just pray that I will have patience. Not being able to speak to people is way worse than any illness!!!

This week was like CHRISTMAS for me-
I got a package from Tiff and Carrie- so great SO MUCH CANDY! I loved the pictures of Josh and Indy- precious
I got a package from Hunter which was so thoughtful and I LOVE the planner he made me (Beatles themed- so awesome)
I got mail from Lauren- I LOVE YOU GORGEOUS - I am writing you soon!!
I got a whole fleet of letters from the POND family- I loved the great spiritual thoughts- letters coming your way soon
AND I got the Sun Valley package! I loved listening to the testimonies!! Chris Barden's about his conversion and Robin being his missionary!! I CRIED! Everyone looks so great and growing up so fast! I loved Granddad's words. What a gift to have all those sweet spirits caught on tape. That is a truly timeless treasure! I also loved the conversion story you included about Sister Kerr. What a fun piece of information about the local church leaders!!
It also felt like Christmas because Sister Allison put up the fake Christmas tree because one time she asked me what my favorite thing about Christmas was and I said Christmas lights, so when I was resting one day she put the tree up! It's great. I'll take a picture, CHRISTMAS in AUGUST!

Thank you to all of you for you love and support. You have no idea how much it means to me especially this week, The Lord has impeccable timing and you are all truly following promptings!!!

I love you all! Prayers for you this week. Hopefully better news and more spiritual substance from me next week!!

Sister Lovell

(Please keep Sister Lovell in your prayers this week! Thanks everyone!)

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Monday, August 8, 2011


Sister Lovell and Sister Allison

Our desk

Sisters Conference with President and Sister Preston

Outside our flat!

Sister's Meeting


I just love all of you so much and I want you to know that I have REALLY felt your prayers this week!!!

I am seeing that every day of the mission is an opportunity to learn and grow. The Lord really does push us to our limits sometimes to help us better see our potential. So far the Lord has given me opportunities to love and serve two valiant Sisters and I am eternally grateful. We really do learn how to better love someone through serving. Especially when someone just needs to be listened to and loved. Sisters especially seem to wear themselves ragged too much trying to be perfect, but I feel that this is a time for healing and new beginnings.

This week we had a Sister's Meeting at the Mission Home. It was an entire day to just be trained as sisters. It was a great time to come together and bond. I felt so much more unity afterwards and a better understanding of who is on "my team" here in the field. The Sisters Meeting this week was a wonderful launch into a new perspective. I feel so strongly that all the sisters need to better rely on Sister Preston and let her be our "coordinating Sister". That is her role and I feel that the Sisters meeting helped all of us to better see that. She truly did a magnificent job, we all felt so loved and lifted from that blessed day. Sister Preston's strength is what all of the sister's need. Almost a reality check to not try and be perfect, be ourselves, and get to work. Each day I see the connection between hard work and happiness in a deeper way. Of course there is a balance. We must reach outwards but still take care of ourselves. Now that all the sisters have filled their wells I know the productivity will increase in the work.

I shared with you how much I respect and admire the YSA ward members. I am so humbled by the strength and wisdom of these valiant young people. Being able to serve them and work with them humbles me each day. I wanted to share a sweet experience from this week in the YSA ward this week. There is a member who recently came back to church. She went inactive when she was younger and came to institute a few weeks back and it sparked her interest in restoring her testimony. She asked to be re-taught the lessons from us, the Sister Missionaries. Her desire to really know truth and to humbly start over touched me so deeply. When we went and re shared the restoration with her the spirit engulfed me. Christ's love for this beautiful daughter of God was so immense. She and I both became emotional as the spirit testified through me of her value to the Lord. I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to meet her and for us to be able to begin with her back on the path of righteousness.

When I struggled with my testimony of the gospel it was valiant YSA who brought me back. I have always felt this deep love and debt to the young people of the church and every time I see hope restored in their eyes from the words we share I want to cry. I remember what it feels like to feel hopeless and of no self worth, and I know I am in the YSA ward to lift others and bring them back to the light the way others helped me. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that don't matter. So easy as young people to get distracted by our problems by ourselves. I pray to the Lord each day to help me see the need. I want to see who needs to be loved, who needs to be lifted, and then I will do it.

The Lord loves all of his children so much. These Young Single Adults are the future of the church. I want so deeply to be able to help them see their worth and potential to make a difference in the world. And each time I get to meet one on a bus or in the street I boldly share how I know that my Redeemer lives. It is our stewardship to be beacons of light. We have the truth and we must share it with all those we can. So they can all come to the light, truth, and knowledge for themselves.

President has asked us to read the first 12 sections of the Doctrine and Covenants to better understand our role as missionaries. What makes a good missionary and how divine our calling really is. Studying this has helped humble me and shift my perspective. I invite all those who are thinking about serving missions to study these chapters to better identify what they can do to improve themselves.

Please continue updating me on your lives. it is such a blessing to know how you all are doing and I really want you to know I pray for all of you BY NAME!!!

I haven’t received mail in a while because we haven’t received what is at the office but I will tell you if it came next week!


love love love Sister Lovell

Monday, August 1, 2011

Knowledge Is Power

Oh my, what a GLORIOUS week it has been! Full of mixed weather and adventures and best of all MIRACLES!!!!
A few weeks ago when Sister Allison and I were heading home we stopped a lady in the street named Natalie. She was amazed that we stopped her as she said she had just been praying while walking, telling God she wasn't going to give up on Him and then BOOM-we stopped her! True hand of the Lord moment. We have since been able to meet with her a few times and started to teach her and her daughter Cuba. They are so lovely. They have both been involved with many different faiths, but Natalie is so excited to learn about the restoration of the Gospel and how we know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Every time we come to her home, the lessons are SO POWERFUL. The spirit just flows and envelops us. I try not to cry, but I am just a baby. Sister Allison says the longer you are on the mission the more spiritually tough you become and you don't cry every time you feel the spirit, so maybe there is hope for me. We shared with Natalie and Cuba about baptism and invited them to begin preparing. We left them with the commitment to pray to know if what we were sharing was true and to confirm their decision to be baptised. We stopped by the next morning and Cuba was delighted to share with us that she had had a dream about getting baptised. She said she was in all white and her Mum was there and everyone was smiling. She said she couldn't remember all the details but she knew and remembered how she felt. Her darling testimony gives me so much strength. The Lord really is preparing souls everyday. There are people everywhere in the world who are ready and waiting for the gospel and simply " know not where to find it".
Natalie was able to join us at church on Sunday. By the end of the third hour she was just about ready to jump into the baptismal font! She said she feels at home and so welcome. She sees how happy all the members are and she wants that for her and Cuba. She even mentioned wanting to become a missionary haha. We just love her enthusiasm and love of the gospel and more importantly her dedication to deepen her relationship with Jesus Christ.
Another miracle was with our investigator Billy, the 78 yr old violin maker. We LOVE Billy he is always trying to give us things and take care of us. Sweetest old man ever. Honestly he reminds me SO MUCH of Owen in 60 years. Just precious and kind hearted (p.s. can someone please get me a way to write Owen?!) Billy used to be in the antique car industry and he got invited to go to a show on Sunday. You could tell he REALLY wanted to go and when we came to teach him on Saturday he wanted us to pretty much give him permission. We retaught him the principle of 'keeping the sabbath day holy' and told him that it was a decision he needed to make between him and the Lord and that we promised he would know what to do. Sister Allison bore beautiful testimony and promised that when we sacrifice what we want to be obedient the Lord will always bless us. Billy came to church and stayed all three hours. :)
Something I have been focusing on in study is KNOWLEDGE. In D&C 131: 6 it says it is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance. Spiritual knowledge really is POWER. I am trying to deepen my desire to learn and love learning. I have always done the minimum to understand something so I can get on with it but I am trying to really let my "soul delighteth in scriptures" so that "my heart pondereth continually upon the things which I have seen and heard" (Nephi 4:15-16) I want to FEAST upon the words of Christ and develop habits that I will have for my whole life. I understand more and more each day how sacred our personal study time is and I am getting into much more of a rhythm there, which is good. I realized something very important as we study. We must FEAST on the words, then PONDER on what we have read. We MUST take the time to digest what we intake so we can properly nourish our souls. If we just inhale our spirit food and go for a run it will not settle right. We cannot simply read and move on. We must take the time to record what insights we have. I am learning to spend a lot of time writing down my insights because the spirit teaches me AS I WRITE. Sometimes I look back at what I have written and think where did that come from?!
As we really LEARN from what we study then we can APPLY it. We must first understand something, truly and deeply before we can adequately apply it to our lives.
At church we learned about President Uchtdorf's talk on the 2 principles of any economy- LEARN & WORK (I invite you to read it!)
It helped me better understand that I need to love to learn and love to work. These are my goals not only this week but for the rest of my life.
I am so glad that Sun Valley was a good time. Thank you for sending me those pictures :) Send my love to everyone. HUGS from ENGLAND!!
Dylan- YES PLEASE send me pictures! I prefer them to be in the mail so I can keep them, but email is allowed.
My address: 
Flat 3 14 Burlington Rd
Withington, M20 4QA
I love you all!!!!!Keep smiling, keep praying, keep reading, and most importantly always remember that God loves you and Jesus Christ is your best friend!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Both my wonderful trainers-Sister Davis and Sister Allison

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New companion-Sister Allison from Lester England

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The Character of Christ

I am so obsessed with my new companion Sister Allison. We are already bonded and working together with such unity! It is such a blessing. She is a very strong missionary and natural leader. I love learning from her and I am begging to better understand how I can be myself in the work. We have a blast. Summer here in England seems to be over. We enjoyed it while it lasted (a week). The heavens are opened and they are POURING DOWN upon us. Literally. But I feel right at home :). This week has been one of great humility and new perspectives. I have been trying to focus myself entirely in doing what the Lord wants me to do and not what I want to do. As a missionary it is very easy to see your personal flaws, the Lord does not hesitate in bringing them to your attention so you can CHANGE. However it is very easy to get caught up focusing too much on ourselves, thinking I need to improve, I need to know more, I need to speak more simply, etc.. Something I am learning, as we reach outward and focus on lifting and developing others, THAT is when we learn and grow the most ourselves.
Belle Spafford General Relief Society President said:
The Lord's call "Follow Me" comes to us this day, as truly as it came to his early disciples...His work must go on. It's progress depends upon the strengths we lend it. Each of us is called to a particular work because of some strengths we posses. It is our responsibility to accept His calls, to grow in His service to such stature that our weakness and our limitations will not impede the progress of His work. We must not be so sensitive to our shortcoming that we fail to recognize and MAGNIFY our STRENGTHS. As we magnify our strengths our weaknesses will diminish.
As I have pondered the idea of magnifying our strengths to diminish our weaknesses I have refocused my study to the character of Christ, the ultimate example of strength in righteousness.
Elder Bednar said:
Character is revealed, in the power to discern the suffering of other people when we ourselves are suffering; in the ability to detect hunger of others when we are hungry; and in the power to reach out and extend compassion for the spiritual agony of others when we are in the midst of our own spiritual distress. Thus, character is demonstrated by looking and reaching outward when the natural and instinctive response is to be self-absorbed and turn inward.
Jesus Christ's character was/is the perfect example. The perfection of His character is what we are trying to become. Before my mission I thought of "Sister Lovell" as a character or role I was preparing for. I got a costume and lines to remember as if I would be "acting" as a representative of the Lord. But now I see so much clearer that as I not only learn about Christ but try to truly KNOW Him, only then can I become more Christ-like.
I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He is my brother, and suffered for me in a way that is incomprehensible. I desire now to know Him, his character, his motives. I desire to love people as He did, so unconditionally and selflessly. This transfer I am committing, with more resolve than ever before, to myself and to Him, to study, to pray, and to act as He would. Not only because I want to look like a missionary outwardly, but because my conduct, countenance and character should reflect my divine calling as a representative of Him. I share this commitment with you to increase my level of accountability. I know that as we show Heavenly Father our dedication in following through, only then can He assist us (we could all use more of that help).
I invite anyone reading this to join me this week in focusing your study on the Character of Christ, who He is, and what he has done for each of us.
As we study Jesus Christ more we can better know Him. I know that that this is His gospel and it is true. I know that it has been restored on earth today by Joseph Smith. I know that it is true because I see and feel His power everyday. Any doubt of truth I ever had is gone. It is not true simply because I want it to be or hope it is. I know it is true from the miracles I see everyday. From the clarity that the Holy Ghost brings to me when we align our lives and actions with God's will. I pray that all those who are doubting will just take the time today, right now, to read the Book of Mormon. Study it out in your mind and pray. Plead with the Lord for clarity, for discernment, acknowledge your mistakes, repent, plead for forgiveness, then let the love of the Lord heal you.
Spiritual knowledge is power. Focus on the things that matter, don't dwell on the details that are irrelevant to your salvation. When you have questions take them right to the source. When we are not praying we cannot receive answers to the questions that cause us to doubt.
I love this Gospel, I am honored to serve and represent our Lord and Savior.
I pray that all of you have a beautiful, spirit-filled day and truly ponder Jesus Christ's example.His purpose is to give us hope. 

I love you family, I feel your prayers, they give me strength and comfort each day- keep smiling!

Love always,
 Sister Lovell

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Day of Miracles and a Transfer

I forgot to tell you that this week, the week of transfers, we have P-day on Wednesday!

TIME FLYS! A few days ago I realized I have already been out two months. It feels like two days, yet I feel like I have always been Sister Lovell-haha. You know you're a missionary when you dream about testifying in the street! (Regularly). This week I just wanted to share a quick tidbit since we only have only a few minutes to write you and President!

This week I learned more about the power of prayer and faith in large numbers. Let me explain. Our zone, meaning all the missionaries in the Greater Manchester area, were given a special weekly focus from the zone leaders. We were to put special emphasis on "Forever Finding" which means speaking to EVERYONE we can. To do this, they set a goal for us to have 800 QGCs (Quality Gospel Conversations- teach a principle, testify and invite for an appointment) with 400 appointments set and 100 new investigators. This meant that as a companionship we would have to be having 80 QGCs/40 appointments/10 new investigators EACH. It seemed quite hard to do but we all accepted the challenge. By Friday night Sister Davis and I had 29 QGCS /3 appointments/ 2 new investigators. We were not pulling our share at all. And we were feeling very discouraged. We prayed so hard that night before we planned for the next day that we would have a miracle and be able to find enough people to help fulfill the goal set by our leaders. WE knew that they had been divinely inspired to set that goal and if we had enough faith as a zone we could reach it. When we woke up on Saturday I felt a stirring in my soul, an urgency that I have not yet experienced. I was itching to get out the door. Most of our plans had been dedicated to finding (street contacting) and we met the day with excitement and untapped potential.

Let's just say the Lord was on our side! When we went in that evening we had had 53 QGCs set, 7 appointments, and 1 more new investigator. Our weekly total was 82 QGCs/ 10 appointments/3 new investigators. A true miracle! That day was incredible. I know that when we show the Lord we have the faith to find people who are ready for the Gospel He delivers. He just has to see that we are trustworthy. He has to see that we know the importance and urgency of our message. It was an honor to be utilized in the Lord's hands and truly see that this is His work. There are ready souls everywhere, we just have to have the spirit with us to be guided correctly.
Our Zone surpassed the the QGC goal and fell within 10 of reaching the appointment and investigator goal. There is great power when faithful missionaries pray for miracles. I know the Lord delivers when we pray with real intent, real intent meaning we INTEND to DO what He tells us. :) I love this work. I'm developing new muscles in my face from smiling 24/7.. It's brilliant!
OK... so now about Transfers. Sister Davis has moved on! I really miss her already but I have been blessed to have a great new companion to follow-up train me. Her name is Sister Allison and she is from Nottingham. Her accent is AWESOME. I will practice:). She was just made a Senior companion to work with me but EVERY sister in the mission says I'm lucky. I can tell why already, she is so organized and personable. The first things she wanted to know, "When can we meet with the Bishop?" and "Who are you teaching?" I know that we are going to have a miracle transfer together and I cannot wait to report back on it.

As I said I am well and SOOO HAPPY!!
Thank you for your prayers I feel them everyday
I will be on again Monday!

Sister Lovell

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Photos

 Sister Davis and Sister Lovell- Zone Conference
 Beans on toast! (Love her)
 Our District
Paul's baptism 7-2-2011
Helping Hands Service Project

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I was once told that there are three reasons a missionary is called to an area. First, there are people in that area who need to hear the Gospel from that missionary. Second, the missionary is sent to the specific Mission President and his wife. Third, they are called to an area which will develop them in a way that once they return home, the specific skills learned can benefit the growth of the Church in their home ward/stake/region. Based on my limited experiences, I wholehearted can see this is to be true!

This week my understanding of the importance of working with church members has grown stronger. We had a baptism this week, (Paul McNulty), our first one whilst working with our new ward mission leader, Brother Daniel Chester. Because of Brother Chester's attention to detail and following up, we had over 50 members of the ward to support Paul on his big day. Never in my life have I felt of such love and ward unity. We decided to have a short testimony meeting as we waited for Paul to change. The spirit engulfed the room. All those in attendance were lifted and edified by Christ's love and approval. That night showed me the potential of this area. I know that the Lord magnifies us. He makes us who He needs us to be. I know that no matter how imperfect we may be as long as we are exactly obedient and give the Lord all we have to give, He always makes up the difference. Sister Davis told me she had never gone to a baptism that ran so smoothly and it was all because the ward rallied together to welcome him with open arms and help in anyway they could. It was a dream. The way 'Preach My Gospel' teaches how a ward should interact with its new converts IS WHAT HAPPENED. It was beautiful and everyone in attendance was touched by the love of Christ that night.
I know more powerfully than ever that the Lord's hand is in all things.
There have been times in my life where I called things coincidence but each day I am here the fog is more lifted. There are forces of God and evil all around us. We, as a world, have become more and more numb to both sides. We need to be more aware of the good and the bad. We cannot be complacent with the gray. It's important to not get comfortable with the easy, comfortable, or "socially acceptable". I do not want to be numbered with those who were comfortable. Each day I am working to get COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. I promise you and the Lord that I will push harder each day to discern Light from dark and invite others to do the same. We are here to bring ourselves and others we know to the light.
Pray to find that person that needs you today and lift them.
I know the Lord will only bring the people who are searching to us when we show him we are trust worthy.
We must DO all we can to BE worthy.
I love my family, I love this Gospel. I love this mission. Wow, do I love this mission. I LOVE THIS WORK AND PEOPLE.

Sister Lovell

Monday, June 27, 2011

Final Zone Conference with President Bullock

First Baptism

The library had no internet so we are in an internet cafe today... adventure! So many smells!
I love it!

This week has been great! So many things to tell and so little time! Sister Davis is back in action! Her stitches are slowly dissolving, her face is not swollen, and her energy level is almost normal so we are back to full days out. Its wonderful! I just love her so much, we seriously have a blast.

I don't know if I have told you this but there is an EMM accent. Most of the Americans have it. It's not really an English accent , more of an adaptation to help everyone we talk to understand us. It's classic. I am in denial but I catch myself doing it every once in a while, especially when I bear my testimony. I will record it on the tape and then I'm sure after another year I'll be full in it.
The weather here has been wild. Huge storms and now sticky and humid. It's gorgeous but not too glam when your wearing nylons and skirts- haha. I LOVE the vitamin D though! It's always classic to talk to people on the street when they ask us why we are dressed this way or think we are Jehovah's witnesses.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the people here! I go outside and it's a real life U.N. So much diversity!

Our Miracle of the Week is Paul McNulty, who found Sister Davis's blog, and may end up reading this too. (Hi Paul!)
We are SO EXCITED because Paul, after many months of meeting with the Sisters, has decided to be baptised!We are the benefactors of the diligence of past missionary work. Paul met the Sisters late last Fall. He is a middle-aged single man and was a devoted Catholic. Missionaries taught him several times before seeing he wasn't ready to moving forward. Paul rang them one day after they had moved on, and they simply told him to read the Book of Mormon. The cycle of Paul recontacting missionaries and then not progressing occurred several times. The most recent was the transfer before I arrived in which Sister Davis made the call that if Paul wanted to learn more, he would have to start showing it by coming to church. Something you should know about Paul is that he is agoraphobic-which is a fear of wide open spaces. When he goes to areas like parking lots or wide streets he gets a feeling of dizziness and vertigo. He will then proceed to have a panic attack. One of the reasons he would never come to church was the giant parking lot there. Finally the Sisters conceived a plan to help get him in the side door to avoid the parking lot all together. Paul began to come to church for a few weeks, always coming in the side door. When I arrived, Paul had been taught everything, but not moved forward. Last week he said, " I don't want to be dropped." So we agreed to meet with him to explain that our purpose had been served. We can merely invite people to Christ. They have to decide, act, and commit. Last Monday night we met him in a park near our house. I had filled out a baptismal calendar and decided to be true to myself and be direct. We began the lesson and shared the importance of showing the Lord our commitment level. Committing to a baptismal date is a leap of faith for the investigator. They have to pray to receive a confirmation that it is what the Lord wants from them and that it is the right time. Obviously not because we as missionaries want him to. We pulled out the calendar. The Spirit began to fill me as we testified to Paul that he WAS ready. We could see it, the Light of Christ was in his countenance and his diligence to be obedient to all of the commandments is profound. We shared with him two dates, July 2 and July 9. Two Saturdays.We said,"Paul we want you to choose what day your baptism will be." As he sat and pondered, tears filled my eyes.  July 2nd jumped off the page. I knew he was going to pick it. I could feel it. He put his finger on July 2. I couldn't even speak just smiled like a fool for a few minutes.

We meet with Paul almost everyday and his spirit is growing each day. He is truly preparing himself in every way he can to be ready for this Saturday. He bears his testimony each lesson we have with him and he always says he wishes he could be baptised right now. "I don't know why it took me so long, I procrastinated so much, I just don't know why." He is so humble, it touches my heart. He is an inspiration to me to be better. He loved tea and that was one of the most difficult things for him to give up. He replaced it with something called Rubash-I think it's South African? Anyway, he says it tastes like antiseptic and yet he drinks it all the time.:) We laugh so hard when he tells us, and honestly, we don't know why he does it. We have tried explaining that he can have herbal tea or hot chocolate but he is determined to stick it out and,"Get an acquired taste" for Rubash. As Sister Davis says, "Bless his heart". His dedication is inspiring.We went to another baptism this week, a boy named Danny who will be in the YSA ward and Paul cried. He said it felt like his baptism even though it was just a "dummy run". Paul is an example of how we all need to be...So humble before the Lord.

Humility has been my key endeavor this week. The Bullocks depart this week, so we had Zone Conference to say good bye. They had missionaries stand and talk about the mission culture. Primarily, the mission vision of BECOMING pure in heart, exactly obedient, and "Preach My Gospel" missionaries. The Bullocks have done a beautiful job setting the tone for the mission. Someone told me that this is one of the most exactly obedient missions in the world. I BELIEVE IT.:) The missionaries are ALL solid. Not just a few. I am so inspired by them. I am humbled and honored to be here in this mission. I feel inadequate yet SO motivated to try and carry on the legacy the Bullocks have established. I know that exact obedience brings miracles. This is not an easy mission but it gets easier as we do exactly what we should. The Lord will help us more if we show him  how diligent we can be. I might not be drinking Rubash everyday but I am trying to consecrate my life. I do not want ANYTHING I am doing to prevent me being receptive to the Holy Ghost and his promptings.

I know this Gospel is true. I know more, now than I ever have in my life, that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and our Redeemer. He loves us. He wants to help us. He is on our team. He is here with me on the streets of England, rain or shine. He is there with you in your home. He is in our hearts. And He can be everywhere if we live worthy of His presence.

Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being on the righteous team. Really the best way you can support me is to be valiant. Lift just where you stand.

I love you with all my heart. Please post on the blog to read Elder Holland's talk, 'Mend Broken Things' and 'Lessons From Liberty Jail' and Hugh B. Brown's, 'God is the Gardener.'

I LOVE MY FAMILY! I love hearing about what you're doing, I don't feel like I am missing out because this is where I am suppose to be! I love you all.


 Sister Lovell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laying the Foundation

 This week has been a bit different then the rest. Sister Davis had jaw surgery on Tuesday. So we have spent most of our time in the flat letting her rest. I really pleaded with the Lord to help me best utilize the time inside to better prepare myself and get oriented, logistically.
Lets just say I stayed PLENTY BUSY. I organized any space in the flat I could find, bathroom, kitchen cupboards, book shelves. I created a work out schedule for us to do each day together. I decided how to organize my study journals, what my study schedule would look like each day/month and established weekly, monthly and yearly goals. haha I was so busy that whenever Sister Davis would wake up she would always be surprised about whatever random project I was working on. I have been happy all week. My spirits have been high and I have sincerely felt a shield of peace and protection over our home. Thank you for your prayers, we really do feel a peace with each day and the power that your support brings.

I am short on time today but wanted to share one powerful moment I had this week.
As I sat waiting for Sister Davis to come out of surgery, I spoke with my temporary companion, Sister Cannon. Sister Cannon and her husband, Elder Cannon, work with the YSA /Institute programs in Manchester. She expressed frustration that the Center for Young Single Adults will be built after they leave, though it was supposed to already have been completed. That means the Cannons end up having 20 plus YSA in their home nightly. The Cannons also do the difficult paper work for the YSA ward, sifting through WHO actually is in the ward and who has moved away.  This is tough since most students are in a permanent state of transititon. She felt frustrated about doing the grunt work knowing they would be gone before they see the fruits of their labors.
It reminded me of the experience of working at CHOICE in the villages in Kenya and Guatemala. Looking around and seeing the POTENTIAL for growth and development, I thought about how we dig the foundations of new classrooms and often leave before any of the bricks are laid for the walls. I remember talking to expeditioners about their concerns. "How do we know that it is going to be finished? Will we be sent pictures of the final product?" We all love results! As Sister Cannon and I spoke, I had a realization. The hardest part is digging the foundation and laying the cement. It must be done with the most care and skill. If it is not done correctly then the whole building will not last. As missionaries in an area, "That is going to see a huge change in the next few years," it can be discouraging. However, the big changes and developments will only happen if we work our hardest and smartest now. Being a futurist, I am very motivated by what will be. I am honored to be a part of getting my hands dirty and shoveling out the foundation of what this area can become. We must understand that each role in the process is important. Whether we are simply laying seeding of the Gospel, or laying a foundation, it is all important! Many missionaries have taught me you typically see the fruits of your labors, the transfer AFTER you have been working your hardest. I am committed...ALL IN... Both feet in the mission. I am motivated and have faith that after we leave the village, the walls of the classroom will be built. AS LONG AS I(we) do a good job in laying the foundation. The future depends on our efforts now.
I am grateful for the strengths Heavenly Father is blessing me with daily. I know that this Church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and gave his life laying a foundation for us today. I know Christ suffered and bled to create a solid foundation for each of us to build our lives upon. I will work hard to show Him my diligence and am humbled daily by His love for us. I don't quite know why we deserve it but I strive each day to be worthy.
All my love,
Sister Lovell

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hunters of Men

Sister Davis and I were on the bus heading to a potential appointment and I had the the map out trying to decipher the most efficient way to get to our intended destination. Sister Davis was behind me. Sister Davis talks to everyone, no hesitation, so it was odd she would be sitting there and not actively engaged in conversation. I turned around and as I did so, she moved and sat next to a woman near the front of the bus. She began,"We are sharing a message...," but as she spoke the woman cut her off... LOUDLY. "STOP IT, STOP IT!!" Puzzled, Sister Davis tried to continue talking to the woman. The Woman started mocking her, mimicking her words loudly. Her accent was very thick, possibly Polish. She then said, "JESUS??! NO!! HUNTERS!! HUNTERS!!" She pointed at Sister Davis and then at me and kept yelling it. "HUNTERS, HUNTERS!" We promptly exited the bus. As we walked away, still in a bit of confusion, we discussed what she had said and pondered, what compelled her to act in such a violent manner towards us? What had she meant? The Bible talks about how Israel is scattered and how fishers and hunters of men shall gather again.
Jeremiah 16:16-Behold, I will send for many fishers, said the Lord, and they shall fish them, and after will I send for many HUNTERS and they shall hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and out of the holes of the rocks.
In the 1800s many of the original twelve came to England (Read the history of the Church in Manchester-SO INTERESTING)... and when they preached the gospel, MANY gathered and the Church grew rapidly. They were fisherman casting their nets. The fish would come and the Gospel could engulf them. The reception of the the people was abundant. Today it is quite different. Those ready and willing to accept the gospel are less frequent. The line is cast, the invitation given, but few take it. Those seeking the truth are out there, the Lord is preparing them and such, they are preparing themselves. We as missionaries just have to FIND them. We are hunters of men. Our purpose, to find those who are seeking truth, yet know not where to find it. In a way the crazy bus lady was right. We ARE hunters, only our purpose is not to harm those we find, rather to bring them the Gospel, the secret to the greatest happiness we an receive in this life and the next.
The England Manchester Mission is a "forever finding" mission. This means we talk to EVERYONE. In PMG it says : "As you do all you can under the guidance of the Holy Ghost to find the people to teach, the lord will place such people in your path."
I know this is true. The Lord wants his prepared children to be found. He wants them to return to live with Him again. Later that same night we were getting off the bus near our house about to head home, we noticed we had 15 minutes...those are the golden minutes, right before you head in.
We approached a man, his name was Dave. Dave is very religious, his faith in God is strong. He had visited many churches. He saw the Book of Mormon in my hand and said he had one at home. He then said, "I have read it many times and I keep asking people about it. Who is Joseph Smith? No one knows! I just want to know more about all of it!"
The Lord is preparing his children. Dave committed to be baptised at the end of the month. :)

Sister Davis and I decided everyday to keep track of the "Mishaps and Miracles." At night when we total our key indicators (lessons taught, people talked to, etc...) we also write down one of each. Here are some from this week :

Mishap: The boiler breaking-now using the kettle to make hot water for the shower and to do the dishes!
Miracle: Sister Davis being able to get into the doctor (socialized medicine!)Someone cancelled when we were there and she got right in :)
Mishap: During a lesson I asked a man named Attila, "What would it mean to you to know God is there and that he loves you?" He responded, "I don't know but your eyes are hypnotizing!"
Miracle: Meeting Andrea. 19 year old girl in the street, restoring hope in her eyes, feeling the Spirit in our first lesson with her so powerfully, it was truly tangible during the first vision. Inviting her to be baptized July 9th-she is "SO EXCITED!"
Mishap/miracle: Seeing a previous investigator at church named Paul (previously dropped because he wasn't progressing anymore) He approached us and said, "I don't like not seeing or hearing from you anymore I don't want to be DROPPED" I don't know who told him this terminology but he's back on the calendar!
Miracle: I have been feeling so strongly that great changes are going to be made in this area. England was once the largest area in Europe for growth in the church and round two is fast approaching! The Area 70, Elder Steven R. Kerr came and spoke to the YSA ward on Sunday. He expressed SUCH enthusiasm for the new emphasis on missionary work in the area. We are all on a rescue mission to help all those who are searching for truth or who have fallen away. We must strengthen the foundation from within. "We are invited to be coworkers of the prophets." The army is united and we are all enlisted until the conflict is over!
I am honored to be apart of this movement! I can't wait to look back, years down the road, and see the membership double in this area, and know I had the privilege of being on the front lines. This work is hard, bearing testimony to strangers on their way to "Parklife,"a two day party/music festival,  is awkward and can feel hopeless. BUT there are people who are searching! Those who are ready and if 15 people laugh at me each day, I still know the Lord is preparing at least ONE who will be strengthened and brought hope by our message!
When I turned in my papers I knew it was the right thing but I didn't fully understand why. I did not appreciate the Gospel in my life the way I do now. My gratitude and enthusiasm are magnified DAILY. WE have the best gift known to man, the true secret to happiness! There is NOTHING more rewarding than sharing this news with everyone I meet. I know that God is our LOVING Heavenly Father, His love passes my comprehension, yet engulfs me each day. This Gospel is true and changes lives. It has changed mine and I am watching it change others.
I LOVE you family! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for the packages and letters! I LOVED the pictures, getting mail really is like Christmas :)keep it up!I am grateful for the time and energy devoted to sending me love! I feel your prayers everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My first full week in England. I am LOVING LIFE. I love Manchester! Sister Davis and I live in the South part of the city in an area called Withington. Our area consists of a diverse mix of flats, small houses, and an even more diverse mix of cultures. We meet many English people but have also met people from the Middle East, North Africa, Portugal, Poland, Russia, China, etc. I love the diversity. I am thrilled with this melting pot.:)
Sister Davis and I get along great. Her first name is Molly and her blog is called "Manchester meet Sister Davis." Pres. Bullock shared with us, that before I came, he thought she and I would serve together and when I arrived, the Lord confirmed it. In this short time we are learning why. Sister Davis and I are very compatible in work ethic, motivation, and energy. I always thought I was a fast walker...then I met sister Davis.:) I LOVE it. We are efficient and never linger. Our team teaching comes naturally and I am excited to see how we learn and grow together this transfer.
We attended both the family ward and the singles ward yesterday and had investigators at both. I was able to bear my testimony, introduce myself, and express my passion to be there. I felt the Lord blessing me to remember names as we were introduced to many people. It was a day of miracles. One investigator who had come with our zone leaders approached the pulpit in an old t-shirt and baggy pants. He shared that he had visited many churches and had been searching a long time to find the right faith and the feelings he felt in that meeting were different than other churches he had visited. He then said, "This is where I belong, this is the true church and I want to join." Talk about a missionary's dream. This week has  been a week of miracles. I already have a testimony the Lord is preparing people and as missionaries, we just have to be obedient and go looking for them. When the Lord thinks people are ready he MAKES our paths cross with them.:) Last night we got lost on our way home. We asked a man named Kay for directions. It started to sprinkle and I was digging in my bag for our umbrella. We made small talk with him and then Sister Davis started to share our message. She asked him," If the Lord wants us to know He is there, how do you think He would show us?" Kay's response made me want to look around for a hidden camera..."Well I think He would send us a prophet like he did in the old times, like Moses." We meet with him again on Friday. The Lord prepares people. The Lord's work is the most fulfilling work! I am blessed and honored to be here.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Now that she is in England, you might be amused to know that Kate was reassigned to Kentucky for 2 months. The day before she was scheduled to leave they called her in and told her. The entire afternoon and evening she processed this news! Then the next morning, the day she was to leave, they called her back in and told her her visa had come!( Kate just loves this kind of unscheduled turn!:) ...."Dancing lessons from God!"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Companion and First Area

With President and Sister Bullock 

New Companion Sister Davis


Hello FAMILY :)

So I had a chance to write you a simple hello and let you know I made it safely yesterday. Today is my first day in my new area! I will tell you all of that but first more details from yesterday...
So yesterday after I arrived at the mission home I spent most of the day with Sister Bullock. Since we were companions for the day, I spent most of the afternoon preparing the house and meals for transfer day (aka today-Wednesday). It was a very lovely day. The Bullocks have three married sons, a daughter who is a freshman at BYU, and a son on a mission in Japan. Sister Bullock said she really misses her daughter and it was nice to have some helping hands around the kitchen again. I think it was good for me too. No one could ever replace Mom but I understand why the Mission President’s wife gets the nickname mission 'mom.' After we had finished preparing all of the meals, she took me on a walk that she and her daughter, Jennifer, frequently go on to a nearby manor. The estate is quite large and we had a good time just walking around. It reminded me a lot of near where we used to live in Paris (with the grand walking paths and rows of trees). The trees here are gorgeous. The weather is JUST like Seattle. It's nice because I’m familiar with it and the air is always clean feeling :) The mission home itself is 33 years old and has housed 11 mission presidents and their families. It is a quaint little cottage with brick walls and white trim, very typical of this entire area. I feel as if I am on the set of a movie at all times. It’s the coolest!! After our walk Sister Bullock and I came back and she asked if I wanted to rest but I knew if I slept in the day I wouldn’t that night so I powered through. In the evening I had the chance to meet up with two sister missionaries in the area and teach a lesson with them following their Tea appointment. Here Tea means dinner. The appointment was with a less active family. Dona and her two daughters, Dora and Tara. The sisters spoke on forgiveness, the spirit was so strong, and I was even able to share some insights. They talked about how important it is to not hold grudges and how burdening it can be to us if we do not forgive others. I also felt compelled to share a quote from Elder C. Scott Grows conference talk on the atonement. In it he mentions that we must also forgive ourselves. The lesson was powerful and sweet. After we left we went tracking down the street for about two hours. We just knocked on doors. My first real life experience doing this. I’m learning how to be short and sweet! We were able to talk to many people, and the excuses people come up with are quite entertaining. I am so excited to be here. Even getting rejected gives me more desire to keep going. I understand that people are not going to be openly receptive but that is why we are here... to weed through all the sand and find the golden nuggets, to find those who are searching. I will knock doors for hours on end and if I only find one person who is seeking truth, that’s enough. I am so motivated (sure easy to say after day one:) but seriously, I am thrilled to be here. Sister Bullock came and picked us up and took the sisters home. President Bullock had shared with me that there were three trainers open and he didn’t know who I would be working with. I know that both sister Davis and I prayed hard last night for the Lord to put us together...

My new area is the Manchester South Area, so the South West corner of the city. My companion's name is Sister Davis. I am SO LUCKY. All the missionaries at the Stake center today (30 or so) all kept telling me how lucky I was and that if they made female zone leaders Sister Davis would be one! I can tell already that we are going to have so much fun together and WORK HARD :). It’s kind of our half P-day since transfers mix everything up. We live on the third floor of a cute little building. In our FLAT. I love all the new terminology. We will be walking or taking the bus. The senior missionaries in our ward drove us about town and I got my bus pass today. OK COOLEST PART- we are assigned to the YSA ward. So we will be working with single adults (besides investigators we find through contacting). I am so excited; some of the main effort is to work on reactivation. Inactivity is one of the main focuses of the mission. I could not be more thrilled with our assignment. HOW COULD GOD NOT HAVE A HAND IN MY LIFE? I am a skeptic by nature, but this week has been unreal and coincidences like this don’t just happen. I am so thrilled. I think so much about all of the good influences in my life during all my times of doubt and I just cannot wait to PAY IT FORWARD. Truly aligning my life with the Lord's will has changed my life. I just want others to know of the peace and happiness it can bring. I want to instill hope. I want to remind people that God is our loving Heavenly Father and HE WANTS TO BLESS US. We just have to get it together and show him we are worthy of those blessings. I know from personal experience that obedience makes all the difference. The Lord is blessing me so much, and I am so excited to just get to work and starting finding people to teach. I honestly think I’ve said I'M SO EXCITED about 684924 times since I arrived here. I’m sure reality will hit and I will mellow out but my enthusiasm and passion for this gospel won't. The testimony I have is only growing.And my urgency to invite others to feel of this joy is ever-increasing. As I gain confidence in my ability to share the message, I know my boldness with grow as well, and anyone who knows me knows I will say it like it is! I know this gospel is true. Every night I report to my Heavenly Father and He helps to validate my efforts with new ideas and concepts to share. I am thrilled for this privilege and honored by the spirit I feel abiding with me.

I apologize for the lack of detail in this letter-By Monday I will have more information on some of our progressing investigators. But in the mean time, thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your letters. I will do my best to write everyone back that I have not yet but I only write on Pday (Monday).

I love you all!
until Monday,

Sister Lovell

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

By the Holy Ghost...

My Testimony for the Blog  5-31-2011
I am taking 18 months of my life to share why the Gospel has changed my life, how I know it is true, and because it is the source of all my joy and fulfillment, I want others to see for themselves what it can do for them. As a missionary, I study the Gospel of Jesus Christ and am working to develop a personal knowledge, that I can then apply to another’s questions. We don’t always know what another person needs to hear, so it is essential to ALWAYS have the spirit with us. We must pray and prepare for questions asked of us and be inspired to know what to teach.
We must listen to the Spirit to help us discern what direction the lesson should go. If the gospel is an item of clothing, we are the tailors. The Holy Ghost is the most effective teacher, not only for others but for missionaries. With this mission call, and my literal “setting apart” from the world we live in, it is a way to help us be receptive to the Spirit. The Lord wants to expedite our learning that we might be more effective and useful in His hands. This is dependent on our obedience and our faith and our willingness to be taught.
God is truly our loving Heavenly Father. He does not forget us or ignore us. If we are not feeling His presence in our lives it is because we are doing something wrong. We have to choose to let God in. We invite Him through obedience and humility.
D&C 136:32 ”Let him that is ignorant learn wisdom by humbling himself and calling upon the Lord his God that his eyes maybe opened that he may see and his ears opened that he may hear.”
There have been times in my life that I claimed to have prayed with real intent and true faith and that God wasn’t there. If you claim you are praying with real intent and true faith for God to make Himself known unto you and nothing happened, it is because we somehow we make ourselves blind and deaf to the whisperings of the Spirit through disobedience and pride. When we are not receptive it is usually when we are struggling because of sin, first. Usually it is accountability we fear most. If God is real and I am not living parallel with Christ’s teachings then I am in trouble. If God isn’t real then I am free to do whatever I want.
As I worked to understand and develop my own testimony, my Dad asked me something I will never forget. He said: “Kate, what is scarier? The Church being true...or it all being false?" I invite you to ponder in your hearts this question.
Accountability is an intimidating concept, but I promise you obedience to the Lord’s commandments brings joy beyond the measure of any temporal satisfaction. D&C 130:19-23
Since I have been in the MTC, I have knelt and prayed with more conviction and intent than ever before!  Any areas I have questions or doubts about I study out in my mind, then pray asking the Lord directly to help find the truth. God answers our prayers. We have the literal power to converse with Him through prayer and the Holy Ghost. We just have TO DO IT! Ponder in your heart and minds what your doubts may be, then take them to Heavenly Father. ASK AND LISTEN. We don’t call someone, tell then what we want and hang up. We talk and we converse and we inquire about needs and we wait for a response. The Lord cannot answer if we don’t listen!
D&C 8:1-2 "I say unto you that assuredly as the Lord liveth, who is your God, your redeemer, even so surely you may receive a knowledge of whatsoever things you shall ask in FAITH, with an HONEST HEART. Yea behold I will tell you in your mind and in your heart by the HOLY GHOST which shall come upon you and which shall swell in your heart.”
I know Heavenly Father is real. He is waiting for us to open that line of communication so he can assist us, guide us, and strengthen us with Christ’s love through the Holy Ghost. WE ARE NEVER UNWORTHY OF GOD’S LOVE. If we are not living parallel with his will, we must confess and ask for forgiveness so we might be worthy of receiving the fullness of His blessings. Strengthen your relationship with Him today. Acknowledge His hand reaching out to you in your life. Your joy will expand tenfold. I promise. I LOVE YOU. God loves you. Don’t forget it!
Sister Lovell

Friday, May 27, 2011

Departing for England

Hey family

My departure is May 30th. I will call at 9 or 3 so be ready!

Answers to your questions: Most of the scriptures I chose to study are what our investigators need to know more personal study really means time to study personally what your investigators need...haha. It's awesome. It's like Sunday School because you learn more than they do sometimes through prepping!
The boys should focus on their development and understanding of prayer, it is our life line to God. Use it everyday. A prayer in your heart does not mean you can't also say a prayer out loud. We should be praying all day everyday and constantly communicating with God so we always know our desires and actions are in line with what he would have us do.
The qualities I most admire in other missionaries would have to be those who lead by example. It is so easy to reach doctrinal saturation and want to get off task. Our zone leaders are great examples to me of this diligence. They always have the spirit and kindly help everyone stay on task. I am trying to be that leader.
You asked about leadership experiences...WOW.
I know why I was sent to Provo was to bond and serve these wonderful sisters. This Saturday night was really intense. My companion came into the room bawling because a girl in the bathroom was singing a song from her brother's funeral service. This lead to another sister having an emotional trigger about her father's death.Pretty soon both were crying. I felt so driven by the spirit. We were able to comfort one another and talk through many of the reasons why we are here. We gained power and testimony of this work by teaching and serving one another. I realized all I am learning here in the MTC REALLY DOES APPLY to real life. I will write more about this night later.
Sunday there was a fireside with Robert P Swenson the director of missionary services. There was a beautiful musical number where all the departing Japanese missionaries sang. I thought of you DAD and could just imagine young you standing up there, the only white kid. I loved it. Brother Swenson spoke on Alma 37-LOOK TO GOD and LIVE. This was my EFY theme one year!:) It was cool because it really spoke to me. Our whole purpose is to help people understand God and feel closer to him and invite others to come unto Christ. I advise all to read this chapter as it is powerful and applicable to us all.
This week we have been focusing a lot on teaching people not lessons. This is my favorite fundamental because I AGREE. I have felt this theme in my life. I love people, talking to them and getting to know them. And if we truly get to know them first ONLY then can we effectively deliver the specific message they need to hear.
Tues. night was AMAZING! the spirit was buzzing. Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke. IT IS SUCH A BLESSING to have a member of the twelve come. Sister Nelson quote: "Obedience brings blessings, EXACT obedience brings miracles!" Elder Nelson spoke on being an effective missionary. My favorite thing he shared was an analogy about a car. If we as missionaries are like cars, then our batteries will recharge best while we are running. I LOVE THIS! IT IS SO TRUE, the busier I am, the more energy the Lord provides...and then I sleep like a rock!
I want you to know I bought a mini binder for all my notes and on the cover I have a picture of the family with a note that says families can be together forever! The family is the most important unit God ever created. Words cannot express how much it means to me to have the incredible love and support I feel from you, family! Thank you for letters! Mail on a mission is like gold. I feel your sweet words of prayer everyday and pray for each of you as well!!

Keep writing!No more DEAR ELDER but tell everyone to post things to me in Manchester. I LOVE YOU WISH ME LUCK AND BE EXPECTING PICTURES.I LOVE YOUUUU!

Sister Lovell

Kate has a visa.

Kate's visa for the UK arrived just in time. She will be leaving Monday for Manchester.  Please write her at her new address. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 18th 2011

I wanted to take a moment and express how much I love you, especially for my family and am grateful for your wonderful examples. I so appreciate your letters! Thank you Mom, Dad, boys, Merc, Carrie, Nick, Rich, Lou, Hunter, and Shelley for writing me! I am so humbled and grateful for the immense love and support I feel.

The MTC is amazing. Not only the Spirit but the organization. They have running this thing down to an art! There are so many missionaries in here I'm shocked things can run so smoothly. It has everything to do with the District Presidents and Branch Presidents. Our Branch President, President Myers, is a saint. I respect him so much.  He truly exudes light and love, as does his wife. I really got lucky!

The Christlike attribute I am focusing on this week is diligence. Everyday something here is hard, whether it is waking up early, getting rejected by our role play investigators, you name it. But I am really trying to catch myself when I feel "over it" and be diligent, persevere and "Endure to the End." I want to master self-disipline now, here in the MTC, not in the field. I know I can do all things and I know that when I kneel down and ask with  true intent and faith the Lord will answer me. He does make up the difference. I have felt it in everything.
I didn't have a minute to write yesterday but today is Sunday . I will tell you about my busy Sabbath. They say Sunday is a day of rest but there is no such thing as rest on a mission. Up at 6:30 and in the computer lab by 7. Part of the pilot program are on-line surveys and learning activities. Breakfast at 8-8:30.Branch Council, Leadership training for my calling 8:30-9:30. RS 9:30-10:50, District Mtg with President Meyers to be taught how to have District mtgs.:) 11:-11:30 More computer activities until 1. Lunch 1-1:30. SACRAMENT MEETING-the way they decide the program is -each missionary is to write a talk on a subject- This week=Repentance. The talk is to be 3-5 minutes long and after the Sacrament, President stands up and invites 2 missionaries(ready or not) to share their talks with the branch. I did not have enough time to plan for our investigators, do computer homework, study, memorize, go to mtgs., breath AND write a talk on repentance. So I just hadn't done it. We walk into to Sac. mtg. and I just felt it. I was going to be called because I wasn't ready. Then I thought, "NO, the Lord knows how busy I am with the new calling, He wouldn't do that."
We take the Sacrament and sure enough..."Today we will have the pleasure of hearing from Sister Lovell and Elder Charez." I remembered that parent teacher conference in which, I hadn't realized it was student led and just started talking...ha! I got up and shared some scriptures and quotes from Elder C Scott Grow's talk on the Atonement from last conference. I shared personal experiences, bore testimony and sat down. President Myers and I made eye contact and he smiled at me, had tears in his eyes, and mouthed the words, "Perfect!" The Lord knew I had worked my hardest and literally just didn't have time. But apparently someone in that room needed the Lord's message to them on repentance...And they needed if from my mouth! I was quite glad President Meyer was pleased. He is incredible. I don't know if I can articulate his leadership style but he is sarcastic and comical ,while remaining reverent. He is a true man of God.
After dinner we had our temple walk and then another coordinating sister mtg. for 2 hours, dinner then a zone leadership mtg. So many mtgs! Some in which we talk about the same things, but at least we won't forget!:) Finally we had a fireside at 7 with Elder Cecil Samuelson. Very very cool!

Lights out, I love you all!