Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I was once told that there are three reasons a missionary is called to an area. First, there are people in that area who need to hear the Gospel from that missionary. Second, the missionary is sent to the specific Mission President and his wife. Third, they are called to an area which will develop them in a way that once they return home, the specific skills learned can benefit the growth of the Church in their home ward/stake/region. Based on my limited experiences, I wholehearted can see this is to be true!

This week my understanding of the importance of working with church members has grown stronger. We had a baptism this week, (Paul McNulty), our first one whilst working with our new ward mission leader, Brother Daniel Chester. Because of Brother Chester's attention to detail and following up, we had over 50 members of the ward to support Paul on his big day. Never in my life have I felt of such love and ward unity. We decided to have a short testimony meeting as we waited for Paul to change. The spirit engulfed the room. All those in attendance were lifted and edified by Christ's love and approval. That night showed me the potential of this area. I know that the Lord magnifies us. He makes us who He needs us to be. I know that no matter how imperfect we may be as long as we are exactly obedient and give the Lord all we have to give, He always makes up the difference. Sister Davis told me she had never gone to a baptism that ran so smoothly and it was all because the ward rallied together to welcome him with open arms and help in anyway they could. It was a dream. The way 'Preach My Gospel' teaches how a ward should interact with its new converts IS WHAT HAPPENED. It was beautiful and everyone in attendance was touched by the love of Christ that night.
I know more powerfully than ever that the Lord's hand is in all things.
There have been times in my life where I called things coincidence but each day I am here the fog is more lifted. There are forces of God and evil all around us. We, as a world, have become more and more numb to both sides. We need to be more aware of the good and the bad. We cannot be complacent with the gray. It's important to not get comfortable with the easy, comfortable, or "socially acceptable". I do not want to be numbered with those who were comfortable. Each day I am working to get COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. I promise you and the Lord that I will push harder each day to discern Light from dark and invite others to do the same. We are here to bring ourselves and others we know to the light.
Pray to find that person that needs you today and lift them.
I know the Lord will only bring the people who are searching to us when we show him we are trust worthy.
We must DO all we can to BE worthy.
I love my family, I love this Gospel. I love this mission. Wow, do I love this mission. I LOVE THIS WORK AND PEOPLE.

Sister Lovell

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