Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Day of Miracles and a Transfer

I forgot to tell you that this week, the week of transfers, we have P-day on Wednesday!

TIME FLYS! A few days ago I realized I have already been out two months. It feels like two days, yet I feel like I have always been Sister Lovell-haha. You know you're a missionary when you dream about testifying in the street! (Regularly). This week I just wanted to share a quick tidbit since we only have only a few minutes to write you and President!

This week I learned more about the power of prayer and faith in large numbers. Let me explain. Our zone, meaning all the missionaries in the Greater Manchester area, were given a special weekly focus from the zone leaders. We were to put special emphasis on "Forever Finding" which means speaking to EVERYONE we can. To do this, they set a goal for us to have 800 QGCs (Quality Gospel Conversations- teach a principle, testify and invite for an appointment) with 400 appointments set and 100 new investigators. This meant that as a companionship we would have to be having 80 QGCs/40 appointments/10 new investigators EACH. It seemed quite hard to do but we all accepted the challenge. By Friday night Sister Davis and I had 29 QGCS /3 appointments/ 2 new investigators. We were not pulling our share at all. And we were feeling very discouraged. We prayed so hard that night before we planned for the next day that we would have a miracle and be able to find enough people to help fulfill the goal set by our leaders. WE knew that they had been divinely inspired to set that goal and if we had enough faith as a zone we could reach it. When we woke up on Saturday I felt a stirring in my soul, an urgency that I have not yet experienced. I was itching to get out the door. Most of our plans had been dedicated to finding (street contacting) and we met the day with excitement and untapped potential.

Let's just say the Lord was on our side! When we went in that evening we had had 53 QGCs set, 7 appointments, and 1 more new investigator. Our weekly total was 82 QGCs/ 10 appointments/3 new investigators. A true miracle! That day was incredible. I know that when we show the Lord we have the faith to find people who are ready for the Gospel He delivers. He just has to see that we are trustworthy. He has to see that we know the importance and urgency of our message. It was an honor to be utilized in the Lord's hands and truly see that this is His work. There are ready souls everywhere, we just have to have the spirit with us to be guided correctly.
Our Zone surpassed the the QGC goal and fell within 10 of reaching the appointment and investigator goal. There is great power when faithful missionaries pray for miracles. I know the Lord delivers when we pray with real intent, real intent meaning we INTEND to DO what He tells us. :) I love this work. I'm developing new muscles in my face from smiling 24/7.. It's brilliant!
OK... so now about Transfers. Sister Davis has moved on! I really miss her already but I have been blessed to have a great new companion to follow-up train me. Her name is Sister Allison and she is from Nottingham. Her accent is AWESOME. I will practice:). She was just made a Senior companion to work with me but EVERY sister in the mission says I'm lucky. I can tell why already, she is so organized and personable. The first things she wanted to know, "When can we meet with the Bishop?" and "Who are you teaching?" I know that we are going to have a miracle transfer together and I cannot wait to report back on it.

As I said I am well and SOOO HAPPY!!
Thank you for your prayers I feel them everyday
I will be on again Monday!

Sister Lovell

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