Monday, August 8, 2011

Sister's Meeting


I just love all of you so much and I want you to know that I have REALLY felt your prayers this week!!!

I am seeing that every day of the mission is an opportunity to learn and grow. The Lord really does push us to our limits sometimes to help us better see our potential. So far the Lord has given me opportunities to love and serve two valiant Sisters and I am eternally grateful. We really do learn how to better love someone through serving. Especially when someone just needs to be listened to and loved. Sisters especially seem to wear themselves ragged too much trying to be perfect, but I feel that this is a time for healing and new beginnings.

This week we had a Sister's Meeting at the Mission Home. It was an entire day to just be trained as sisters. It was a great time to come together and bond. I felt so much more unity afterwards and a better understanding of who is on "my team" here in the field. The Sisters Meeting this week was a wonderful launch into a new perspective. I feel so strongly that all the sisters need to better rely on Sister Preston and let her be our "coordinating Sister". That is her role and I feel that the Sisters meeting helped all of us to better see that. She truly did a magnificent job, we all felt so loved and lifted from that blessed day. Sister Preston's strength is what all of the sister's need. Almost a reality check to not try and be perfect, be ourselves, and get to work. Each day I see the connection between hard work and happiness in a deeper way. Of course there is a balance. We must reach outwards but still take care of ourselves. Now that all the sisters have filled their wells I know the productivity will increase in the work.

I shared with you how much I respect and admire the YSA ward members. I am so humbled by the strength and wisdom of these valiant young people. Being able to serve them and work with them humbles me each day. I wanted to share a sweet experience from this week in the YSA ward this week. There is a member who recently came back to church. She went inactive when she was younger and came to institute a few weeks back and it sparked her interest in restoring her testimony. She asked to be re-taught the lessons from us, the Sister Missionaries. Her desire to really know truth and to humbly start over touched me so deeply. When we went and re shared the restoration with her the spirit engulfed me. Christ's love for this beautiful daughter of God was so immense. She and I both became emotional as the spirit testified through me of her value to the Lord. I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to meet her and for us to be able to begin with her back on the path of righteousness.

When I struggled with my testimony of the gospel it was valiant YSA who brought me back. I have always felt this deep love and debt to the young people of the church and every time I see hope restored in their eyes from the words we share I want to cry. I remember what it feels like to feel hopeless and of no self worth, and I know I am in the YSA ward to lift others and bring them back to the light the way others helped me. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that don't matter. So easy as young people to get distracted by our problems by ourselves. I pray to the Lord each day to help me see the need. I want to see who needs to be loved, who needs to be lifted, and then I will do it.

The Lord loves all of his children so much. These Young Single Adults are the future of the church. I want so deeply to be able to help them see their worth and potential to make a difference in the world. And each time I get to meet one on a bus or in the street I boldly share how I know that my Redeemer lives. It is our stewardship to be beacons of light. We have the truth and we must share it with all those we can. So they can all come to the light, truth, and knowledge for themselves.

President has asked us to read the first 12 sections of the Doctrine and Covenants to better understand our role as missionaries. What makes a good missionary and how divine our calling really is. Studying this has helped humble me and shift my perspective. I invite all those who are thinking about serving missions to study these chapters to better identify what they can do to improve themselves.

Please continue updating me on your lives. it is such a blessing to know how you all are doing and I really want you to know I pray for all of you BY NAME!!!

I haven’t received mail in a while because we haven’t received what is at the office but I will tell you if it came next week!


love love love Sister Lovell

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