Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm sure you are all dying to know about the riots and things going on over here! It really only happened in Manchester for a couple of nights so we were just told to stay in. We are some of the closest missionaries to the city center and we could hear all the sirens of the police all night, quite exciting! But we were totally safe. They were more concerned about us using buses than anything else.

This morning I FINISHED the Book of Mormon! I was so excited and sad all at once. I love the scriptures, I am truly reading them with new eyes and just want to feast upon the words each day. I try and read in ALL of my down time. Which usually means while brushing my teeth or eating a meal haha. I got my hands on a Book of Mormon Stories book and Sister Allison and I have also been going through the stories one by one. First we read the story then we read the corresponding verses from the Book of Mormon. Its a great way to better understand what is going on. And the illustrations are quite entertaining!

This week has been a bit different then most considering I have been quite under the weather or as they say it here "quite poorly". We actually spent most of the week going to various doctors and finally up to the mission GP in Preston. In the mean time just pray that I will have patience. Not being able to speak to people is way worse than any illness!!!

This week was like CHRISTMAS for me-
I got a package from Tiff and Carrie- so great SO MUCH CANDY! I loved the pictures of Josh and Indy- precious
I got a package from Hunter which was so thoughtful and I LOVE the planner he made me (Beatles themed- so awesome)
I got mail from Lauren- I LOVE YOU GORGEOUS - I am writing you soon!!
I got a whole fleet of letters from the POND family- I loved the great spiritual thoughts- letters coming your way soon
AND I got the Sun Valley package! I loved listening to the testimonies!! Chris Barden's about his conversion and Robin being his missionary!! I CRIED! Everyone looks so great and growing up so fast! I loved Granddad's words. What a gift to have all those sweet spirits caught on tape. That is a truly timeless treasure! I also loved the conversion story you included about Sister Kerr. What a fun piece of information about the local church leaders!!
It also felt like Christmas because Sister Allison put up the fake Christmas tree because one time she asked me what my favorite thing about Christmas was and I said Christmas lights, so when I was resting one day she put the tree up! It's great. I'll take a picture, CHRISTMAS in AUGUST!

Thank you to all of you for you love and support. You have no idea how much it means to me especially this week, The Lord has impeccable timing and you are all truly following promptings!!!

I love you all! Prayers for you this week. Hopefully better news and more spiritual substance from me next week!!

Sister Lovell

(Please keep Sister Lovell in your prayers this week! Thanks everyone!)

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