Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 2-MTC

Day 2!

I am half way through the second day. I am trying my best not to use my normal lingo(ie... guys, girls, it's chill)and it's more difficult than it seems..haha. Our schedule: Up at 6:30, personal study 7-7:50, then breakfast until 8:15,  gym until 9:30-Then workshop for an hour,  from 10-11. We talked about various individuals and watched short clips. After each clip we analyzed:
-what did we learn about this person?
-what do you think the Lord sees and feel when he looks at this person?
It was a great activity to practice what it will be like with REAL investigators. The mission is such a glorious opportunity to practice what we preach. I am so humbled to be here. I feel I know little but with the Lord we are always made whole. Whatever I lack as a missionary the Lord can compensate. This applies to our investigators as well. When they fear, doubt, or struggle,  if they humbly ask God the Father for assistance or guidance... He Will Always Show Up! I know that He does not forget anyone.:)

You will be happy to know my companion and I are very active in participation and are trying to bond with our district! Have to go to class now, but I LOVE YOU,

Sister Lovell

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