Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 7 5-18-2011

I am obsessed with the MTC and the mission!!!

My companion is Sister Bush and she is from Australia. I love her so much. We get along so great and having a blast. I couldn't ask for anyone better. In my district we have 4 sisters and 6 elders. We have so much fun learning together. Our district leader is Elder Allpin. He is 23 and I really respect him for working to get here. I guess he knows Drew and Ben and says hello!

I got a calling my first full day (last Thurs.) to be the coordinating sister in our zone and district. It's fun! I basically make sure that all the sisters are doing well and do some inspections when we leave. Nothing too difficult. My favorite teacher is Brother Haward. He reminds me of how Parker will be when he comes home, so solid, and and super entertaining as well!

Our district is a part of the new PILOT of the PILOT for how they're teaching missionaries in here. It's really cool they are changing the way everything works and we are the guinea pigs.:)We get to teach ALL the time. From the first night we have been put in situations with investigators and we are doing TONS of roleplays and pretend invesitgators. Instead of teaching us how to teach and then letting us apply it... we teach as we learn. It's so cool. It really helps to humble you and rely entirely on the Lord and the Spirit to guide you...and let me tell you, IT WORKS!!

There is a reason the MTC is so special. Even though there are thousands of rowdy boys and girls the Spirit is SO TANGIBLE here. I wish I could bring all my friends in for Tues. night devotionals. Last night Elder Richard G. Hinkley spoke. He is the head of the Mission Board and Pres. Hinkley's son. He spoke so beautifully on missionary work and how to be effective. He spoke on 2nd Timothy chapter 1 and I invite all of you to read it. He spoke on verse 6 and our need to stir up the gift of God. All too often we convince ourselves that we are fine and we don't need help from God or anyone. We need to humble ourselves and STIR UP THE GIFT OF GOD. Pray and invite the Lord to truly assist us. Without Him we are nothing but with Him we can accomplish all things!!

I have been challenged to memorize the mission statement under..."Your purpose" in Preach My Gospel. pg. 1. I invite everyone to do the same, then read it, and apply it. It applies to everyone, not just missionaries in the field.

Food for thought:
D&C 4
Alma 34
1 Ne. 11:17
Jacob 1:19

I love you all soooo much!!! Thank you for all the letters... and please keep writing me.
Prayers please that my visa comes through by June 1st!

Sister Lovell:)

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