Monday, May 23, 2011

May 18th 2011

I wanted to take a moment and express how much I love you, especially for my family and am grateful for your wonderful examples. I so appreciate your letters! Thank you Mom, Dad, boys, Merc, Carrie, Nick, Rich, Lou, Hunter, and Shelley for writing me! I am so humbled and grateful for the immense love and support I feel.

The MTC is amazing. Not only the Spirit but the organization. They have running this thing down to an art! There are so many missionaries in here I'm shocked things can run so smoothly. It has everything to do with the District Presidents and Branch Presidents. Our Branch President, President Myers, is a saint. I respect him so much.  He truly exudes light and love, as does his wife. I really got lucky!

The Christlike attribute I am focusing on this week is diligence. Everyday something here is hard, whether it is waking up early, getting rejected by our role play investigators, you name it. But I am really trying to catch myself when I feel "over it" and be diligent, persevere and "Endure to the End." I want to master self-disipline now, here in the MTC, not in the field. I know I can do all things and I know that when I kneel down and ask with  true intent and faith the Lord will answer me. He does make up the difference. I have felt it in everything.
I didn't have a minute to write yesterday but today is Sunday . I will tell you about my busy Sabbath. They say Sunday is a day of rest but there is no such thing as rest on a mission. Up at 6:30 and in the computer lab by 7. Part of the pilot program are on-line surveys and learning activities. Breakfast at 8-8:30.Branch Council, Leadership training for my calling 8:30-9:30. RS 9:30-10:50, District Mtg with President Meyers to be taught how to have District mtgs.:) 11:-11:30 More computer activities until 1. Lunch 1-1:30. SACRAMENT MEETING-the way they decide the program is -each missionary is to write a talk on a subject- This week=Repentance. The talk is to be 3-5 minutes long and after the Sacrament, President stands up and invites 2 missionaries(ready or not) to share their talks with the branch. I did not have enough time to plan for our investigators, do computer homework, study, memorize, go to mtgs., breath AND write a talk on repentance. So I just hadn't done it. We walk into to Sac. mtg. and I just felt it. I was going to be called because I wasn't ready. Then I thought, "NO, the Lord knows how busy I am with the new calling, He wouldn't do that."
We take the Sacrament and sure enough..."Today we will have the pleasure of hearing from Sister Lovell and Elder Charez." I remembered that parent teacher conference in which, I hadn't realized it was student led and just started talking...ha! I got up and shared some scriptures and quotes from Elder C Scott Grow's talk on the Atonement from last conference. I shared personal experiences, bore testimony and sat down. President Myers and I made eye contact and he smiled at me, had tears in his eyes, and mouthed the words, "Perfect!" The Lord knew I had worked my hardest and literally just didn't have time. But apparently someone in that room needed the Lord's message to them on repentance...And they needed if from my mouth! I was quite glad President Meyer was pleased. He is incredible. I don't know if I can articulate his leadership style but he is sarcastic and comical ,while remaining reverent. He is a true man of God.
After dinner we had our temple walk and then another coordinating sister mtg. for 2 hours, dinner then a zone leadership mtg. So many mtgs! Some in which we talk about the same things, but at least we won't forget!:) Finally we had a fireside at 7 with Elder Cecil Samuelson. Very very cool!

Lights out, I love you all!

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