Friday, May 27, 2011

Departing for England

Hey family

My departure is May 30th. I will call at 9 or 3 so be ready!

Answers to your questions: Most of the scriptures I chose to study are what our investigators need to know more personal study really means time to study personally what your investigators need...haha. It's awesome. It's like Sunday School because you learn more than they do sometimes through prepping!
The boys should focus on their development and understanding of prayer, it is our life line to God. Use it everyday. A prayer in your heart does not mean you can't also say a prayer out loud. We should be praying all day everyday and constantly communicating with God so we always know our desires and actions are in line with what he would have us do.
The qualities I most admire in other missionaries would have to be those who lead by example. It is so easy to reach doctrinal saturation and want to get off task. Our zone leaders are great examples to me of this diligence. They always have the spirit and kindly help everyone stay on task. I am trying to be that leader.
You asked about leadership experiences...WOW.
I know why I was sent to Provo was to bond and serve these wonderful sisters. This Saturday night was really intense. My companion came into the room bawling because a girl in the bathroom was singing a song from her brother's funeral service. This lead to another sister having an emotional trigger about her father's death.Pretty soon both were crying. I felt so driven by the spirit. We were able to comfort one another and talk through many of the reasons why we are here. We gained power and testimony of this work by teaching and serving one another. I realized all I am learning here in the MTC REALLY DOES APPLY to real life. I will write more about this night later.
Sunday there was a fireside with Robert P Swenson the director of missionary services. There was a beautiful musical number where all the departing Japanese missionaries sang. I thought of you DAD and could just imagine young you standing up there, the only white kid. I loved it. Brother Swenson spoke on Alma 37-LOOK TO GOD and LIVE. This was my EFY theme one year!:) It was cool because it really spoke to me. Our whole purpose is to help people understand God and feel closer to him and invite others to come unto Christ. I advise all to read this chapter as it is powerful and applicable to us all.
This week we have been focusing a lot on teaching people not lessons. This is my favorite fundamental because I AGREE. I have felt this theme in my life. I love people, talking to them and getting to know them. And if we truly get to know them first ONLY then can we effectively deliver the specific message they need to hear.
Tues. night was AMAZING! the spirit was buzzing. Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke. IT IS SUCH A BLESSING to have a member of the twelve come. Sister Nelson quote: "Obedience brings blessings, EXACT obedience brings miracles!" Elder Nelson spoke on being an effective missionary. My favorite thing he shared was an analogy about a car. If we as missionaries are like cars, then our batteries will recharge best while we are running. I LOVE THIS! IT IS SO TRUE, the busier I am, the more energy the Lord provides...and then I sleep like a rock!
I want you to know I bought a mini binder for all my notes and on the cover I have a picture of the family with a note that says families can be together forever! The family is the most important unit God ever created. Words cannot express how much it means to me to have the incredible love and support I feel from you, family! Thank you for letters! Mail on a mission is like gold. I feel your sweet words of prayer everyday and pray for each of you as well!!

Keep writing!No more DEAR ELDER but tell everyone to post things to me in Manchester. I LOVE YOU WISH ME LUCK AND BE EXPECTING PICTURES.I LOVE YOUUUU!

Sister Lovell

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