Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Notes from former Manchester England Sister Missionary- Allyson Ashton Chard

 "The best thing of Manchester Mission is a beautiful country, rich in Church History. I felt it an honor to serve in an area here so many of the original church members came from. The first area I was called to serve was a town called Ashton ....and I was Sister Ashton! I found my golden family in that town. The woman had once lived in SLC and was a nurse the LDS hosptial. She once cared for President McKay. Pres. McKay asked her if she was of the LDS faith. She said no. Pres. McKay said, "One day you will be." It took her moving to Ashton and me serving there to find her and teach her the Gospel. So many great stories. Good luck. I will be thinking about you!"

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